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NE Edle Cartridges 0.25MM/1RLLT - 20 pieces

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Article: NEED25

NE Edle cartridges are the embodiment of engineering solutions based on the company's extensive experience.

They combine the achievements of the industry and the technological capabilities of modern industry.

• Super sharp needle tips made of surgical steel

• Medical-grade plastic

• Gas sterilization certified by ISO standards

• 100% safe membrane

• Stable work of each module without defects

These cartridges are the choice of professional permanent makeup artists for flawless work in any area.

They fit most tattoo machines available on the market and are supplied with a sterilization marker on the packaging that changes color after sterilization with a special gas.

All needles undergo microscopic control for defects

Our company's specialists tested these cartridges for 2 years before releasing the most effective version.

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NE Edle Cartridges 0.25MM/1RLLT - 20 pieces

NE Edle Cartridges 0.25MM/1RLLT - 20 pieces