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our history

The inspiration and creator of NE pigments is Elena Nechaeva.

Store he started his work in 2017 with the sale of pigments by Elena Nechaeva's studio. These are mixes of pigments that Elena has been working on for the last 5 years.

She conducted many experiments, including on her own skin, and was able to find pigments that have a predictable color during healing, which fit into the skin with a minimum number of passes.

Large-scale production of NE pigments began in December 2019.

"We did not plan to sell anything at all, and developed the pigments only for our studios. But the students of our commercial courses insisted on getting supplies and pigments immediately after training."


NE pigments are produced in a specialized room equipped with the most modern and high-quality equipment. The production technologist works according to specially developed standards to minimize errors.

Production volumes are constantly growing. At the end of 2020 - the beginning of 2021, it is planned to expand the production shop and, accordingly, the warehouses.

Why we were loved

  • No prohibited ingredients

    Our pigments meet the requirements of GOST

  • Autopsy control

    When you receive the pigment, you will make sure that the product has not been opened before

  • Eco-friendly packaging

    Our pigments meet the requirements of GOST

  • Convenient dosage

    The thin spout of the bubble allows you to get drops of the same size

Our production

our employees

  • Dmitry Nechaev

    General director

  • Elena Nechaeva

    Founder NE pigments

  • Yuri Ignatiev


  • Kristina Tsymbalova

    Pigment Technologist

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