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Pigment for trichopigmentation #010, Camo Hair Black

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Article: NE010

Temperature: Neutral black 

Base: black lightfast iron oxide. Does not change color over time, lightens without blue or bluish tints.

Maintains the contour of the design throughout the wear period, does not blur. Requires correction after 12 months.

Consistency: creamy, smooth, easy to stir. Before use, the contents of the bottle should be mixed thoroughly by shaking vigorously.

The pigment is characterized by a very high content of the coloring base - black iron oxide CI77499. If necessary, the pigment can be diluted using #602 Mineral Thinner.

Suitable for all. Residue 70-90%, easy to apply. With the correct choice of depth and speed of application, the residue is visible immediately.

 Store at 5-25 degrees Celsius, exclude access to direct sunlight. Do not store closer than 1,5 m from heat sources and heating appliances.

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Pigment for trichopigmentation #010, Camo Hair Black

Pigment for trichopigmentation #010, Camo Hair Black